The Opening

Hi I am XYZ, and was sent here to discuss our XYZ Open Program.

Let me ask, how many years have you been in (this type of business)?

(They Answer)

Ok.  Sounds like you have made some successful decisions over the years, and out of the 100ths of decisions you probably have also revised some over the years.

(They Reply)

It sounds like you are willing to keep an open mind to new solutions that could better your company. So let me ask you do you typically using (X or Y) for your current needs.

(IE: You need to give them 2 options. Regarding witch option they choose, you will know which way to direct your conversation.  Show them the benefits that will be more relative to their need.)

(They Reply)

(IE: Add in a subtle take away so they don’t feel that you offer this to everyone. It will keep their interest alive in what you are offering.)

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