They wouldn’t have met with you if they didn’t have a need. Uncover the need prior to your proposal and it will help expedite your sales process.

Apple: Bit into it

Oranges: Peal back the layers

Coconut:  Crack them open

(They buy off of your confidence)

Rejection/Return it/Relate to them/Close the sales/ Take control:  “What key functions do you see yourself using the most?” “What about this product is just not doing it for you?” “I can expand on the features for you.”

Time Management:

There is always an impulse curve with every perchance. By fingering out your client’s impulse curve and you will save yourself time. Ask the question. AKA: Most people have a hard time making changes.

The way you spend your time with a client is most important.

  1. Ask about their realistic expectations regarding you product
  2. Ask about their budget they are willing to dedicate toward your product
  3. Ask about their expected time frame to finish up their order
  4. Ask if they are currently working with another dealer

Keys to Keep You on Track: Make a list of information you need from the client on your first visit.

The Opening

Hi I am XYZ, and was sent here to discuss our XYZ Open Program.

Let me ask, how many years have you been in (this type of business)?

(They Answer)

Ok.  Sounds like you have made some successful decisions over the years, and out of the 100ths of decisions you probably have also revised some over the years.

(They Reply)

It sounds like you are willing to keep an open mind to new solutions that could better your company. So let me ask you do you typically using (X or Y) for your current needs.

(IE: You need to give them 2 options. Regarding witch option they choose, you will know which way to direct your conversation.  Show them the benefits that will be more relative to their need.)

(They Reply)

(IE: Add in a subtle take away so they don’t feel that you offer this to everyone. It will keep their interest alive in what you are offering.)

Sales Basics -13 steps:

1. Great 2. Meet 3. Excite 4. Ask them what their process is introduce new products or services 5.Ask open ended question 6.  Stop if they don’t answer basic questions 7. Go into detail about your product 8. Ask them why they feel they could benefit from your product/service 9. Review Cost comparisons 10. Ask for their business 11. Write up the deal 12. Ask for referrals 13. Send a thank you letter to your new client (keep it short)

Trial Close Questions:

“Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to move forward with this today?”

“Looks like you see the benefit moving forward. What advice do you need from me to get you started?”

“What else do I have to do, to get your business today? We Can do this right now?”